BRI can no longer accept applications from the six county Denver Metro Area as of 7-10-2020.

Due to a large number of applications pending review, we recommend you identify an alternative resource for a faster response time.                     Housing Resources:


  1. Current annualized household income must be at or below 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) for the particular county where the home of the applicant is located, and for the size of the applicant household. Income is calculated based on the month preceding the month for which assistance is requested (e.g. March income for April housing assistance). Unemployment Insurance benefits are included in income calculations. Federal stimulus payments are not included as income, or as a potential duplication of benefit.

  2. Evidence of Financial Hardship Due to COVID-19: “Financial hardship due to COVID-19” means an individual or household;
    a. suffers a decrease in income or is unable to work as a direct or indirect result of COVID-19, and;
    b. does not have the financial resources to make rental and mortgage payments without leaving them unable to make necessary purchases of goods and services such as food.

  3. Prohibition on Duplication of Benefits: Applicants must disclose other local, state and federal rental/mortgage assistance received. These benefits will be taken into consideration when determining the amount that will be provided to the applicant for rental or mortgage assistance.
    Applicants will be required to repay funds if duplicate benefits are received.

        If the AMI Lookup chart indicates you were at or below 80% AMI for your County the month before you are requesting assistance (example, March income for April housing assistance).




Funds are meant to provide emergency, short term rental and mortgage assistance to households that are most vulnerable to eviction or foreclosure.

BRI is currently processing a high volume of applications. Please review and complete all fields in the application and provide all supporting documents. All applications are reviewed on a first come, first served basis. Incomplete applications and documentation will be rejected. 


There are three primary steps to successfully apply for and obtain assistance through EHAP.  Please review these to better understand how this program may help you.


CHECK FOR ELIGIBILITY BY REVIEWING THE AVERAGE MEDIAN INCOME (AMI) LOOKUP CHART(see above button).  IF YOUR INCOME IS AT OR BELOW 80% AMI (based on the month preceding the month for which assistance is requested (e.g. March income for April housing assistance). YOU QUALIFY FOR PARTICIPATION.

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 Application Checklist

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For All applicants:

☐  Completed Emergency Housing Assistance Program Intake Application (to be sent with Fileinvite).

☐  Documentation of household income for the month preceding rent or mortgage assistance is requested.

☐  Current copy of unemployment statement if available


EHAP must confirm the identity of the applicant by requiring the applicant to produce one of the following:

1. a valid Colorado driver’s license or a Colorado identification card, issued pursuant to Article 2 of Title 42 CRS; or
2. a US military or a military dependent’s identification card; or
3. a US Coast Guard Merchant Mariner card; or
4. a Native American Tribal Document; or
5. a document issued by any instrumentality of government (US or foreign), or
6. a document issued by an educational institution (US or foreign).


                               Evidence of Tenancy/Ownership and Primary Residence

☐  Properly executed Eligibility Release Form.

☐ All applicants must attest that the property is primary residence (question is on the application).


Renting Applicants must provide evidence that they reside at the property for which they are requesting rental assistance.

1. All rental applicants must attest that the property is primary residence (question is on the application).


2. Applicants must provide at least on of the following:

● Executed (signed by tenant and landlord/agent) lease that names applicant as tenant of property.
● Other type of written document that names applicant as tenant of property (may include hotel/motel occupancy ledger report).
● Applicant driver’s license or other government issued ID shows address of property.
● Income information (e.g. check stubs, reports) show applicant name and address of property.
● Current utility bill or other such official business mail addressed to applicant at property.
If none of the above is available, agency may accept a statement from the landlord (and/or agent) that the person lives at that property and pays rent.

Mortgage Applicants must provide evidence that they are the owner of the home and that the home is their primary residence.

1.  All Homeowner applicants must attest that property is primary residence (question is on the application).

2.  Applicants must provide one or more of the following:

● Current mortgage statement that matches the name of the applicant.
● Most recent month’s bill for utilities and other services in the name of applicant, property tax statement indicating that the mailing address is the same address as the property for which assistance is requested, and/or documentation of income (e.g. check stubs, W-2, tax filings) which shows address.
● Agency review of property records indicating ownership.

                                                  Evidence of Rent or Mortgage Due

For Rent Requests:

☐ The applicant must provide information to prove the amount of their rent payment. This may include either:

1. If available, a copy of a lease or other written agreement with the applicant named, rent amount and due date.

2. If the applicant is not named in the lease, proof of at least one payment made to the landlord (and/or agent), or named leaseholder for the month immediately prior to the month for which assistance is requested.

Proof may include:
● Copy of a check.
● Ledger from Venmo, Paypal, or financial institution (may include hotel/motel occupancy ledger report).
● Receipt of money order/cashier’s check.
● If paid in cash, receipt or affidavit from the property owner or contracted property manager. In roommate situations, receipt or affidavit from the person who is named in the lease plus proof of deposit of that cash.
Should the applicant have one or more months of rent past due, documentation of total amount due to bring rent current. This may include past-due notices, emails from the landlord (and/or agent), rent ledger from the landlord, or other applicable documents as available.

For Mortgage Requests:

☐  The applicant must provide information to prove the amount of their mortgage payment due.

1. Copy of current month’s mortgage statement.

2. Documentation indicating that homeowner is ineligible for or has been denied forbearance or will not be eligible for relief from lender (further guidance will be provided by DOH).

3. Documentation that applicant has been paying the mortgage (e.g. bank statement, electronic transfer statement (e.g. Venmo/Paypal), cleared checks, etc.)

Should the applicant have one or more months of mortgage past due, documentation of total amount due to bring mortgage current. This is likely included in the current mortgage statement.

Some items required above may not apply to your situation.




Where can I go for assistance if I live within the Denver Metro Area? 

  • Adams: Almost Home, Jewish Family Service 

  • Arapahoe: Jewish Family Service 

  • Denver: TRUA (Call 311), Jewish Family Service 

  • Jefferson: The Action Center 


How do I get an application if I live outside of the Metro Area?  

Your email requests for an application MUST include your county, name (first and last), email address you’d like the link sent to, and eviction notice/court order (if applicable). You can send your requests to PLEASE DO NOT SEND MORE THAN ONE APPLICATION REQUEST.  


What if I live within the Denver Metro Area, but I have received an eviction notice/court order? 

If you have received an eviction notice/court order but reside within the Denver Metro Area, please provide all information requested above. 


How do I know the status of my application?  

We are processing over 500 applications. When your application has been assigned to a navigator, they will contact you with either next steps or a request for more information. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL US FOR STATUS UPDATES. IT WILL NOT SPEED UP YOUR APPLICATION PROCESS. ALL COMMUNICATION SHOULD BE THROUGH YOUR FILEINVITE. The best way to ensure a quick and accurate review is to include all requested documents in their entirety.  


What if I submit my file but it’s not completed? 

If your file has been submitted but is missing necessary documentation you will have to access your Fileinvite portal and finish uploading everything. This will put you at the end of the line again, so please ensure that everything is uploaded, correctly, the first time. 

FileInvite Troubleshooting (Please read before contacting us with troubleshooting questions)  


My documents keep getting rejected. Why and how do I fix them?  

  • To avoid having documents rejected for image quality issues we recommend using the CamScanner app. This is a free app you can access from any smart phone. 

  • To avoid having documents rejected for identification issues please ensure that your full name is visible in all documents  

  • To avoid having documents rejected for incompletion please ensure that:  

  • Your application has all pages and signatures filled before hitting submit (there are three required signature fields in the application) 

  • Your income shows the dates you received it and your full name  

  • Your bank statement (which should be for the month prior to the month you are requesting assistance for) shows the ENTIRE month and your full name  

  • (RENTERS) You upload a SIGNED lease, bills/business mail that show your full name and address, or a written statement from your landlord  

  • (OWNERS) You upload an entire mortgage statement with your full name, a property tax statement that matches the address on your application, bills/business mail that show your full name and address 

  • Your rent ledger shows the rent charge (PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT PAY UTILITIES, LATE FEES OR ANY OTHER FEES) for each month that you are requesting assistance. Your ledger should be at MOST 2 days old. Your ledger MUST include your landlords contact information and address  


How do I know if I’ve uploaded my document?  

You should be able to see your document under uploaded files. When you submit a document in a section that section number should turn from yellow to blue and have a little blue saved icon to the right.  


How do I know that I have submitted my file for review?  

Once all your required and applicable documents have been uploaded scroll all the to the bottom of your file and hit, I’m Finished. WE WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR COMPLETED FILE IF YOU DON’T HIT, I’M FINISHED, EVEN IF YOU’VE UPLOADED EVERYTHING. 


I don’t own a computer/do not know how to upload documents onto the computer. Can I have my application mailed to me/what should I do? 

We can mail out paper applications, but please note this will slow down your application process by a few weeks. We can also do the application and document request through email, but this will also slow down your application process as we must put your entire file together manually.  


What happens if I stop responding or do not submit documents that have been requested of me?  

After a week of no response we will close your application. 


I submitted my application weeks ago and now have an eviction notice. What should I do? 

Upload your eviction notice to your FileInvite and then message us through FileInvite and let us know that you have an eviction notice.   


I have received assistance from another organization, but I still have an application awaiting review with you. What should I do?  

We do not allow the duplication of services through this program. If you have received assistance from another agency, please message us through FileInvite and let us know immediately. 


What if I’m a landlord needing assistance? 

Please visit the POP program at   


2250 Eaton St. Garden Level Suite B
Denver CO 80214

Phone: 1-844-926-6632

Fax: 303-274-1314

TTY 711




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